Premiere: M Wylde – Bring Me Down (Tuff City Kids Disco Dub)


I was looking for a place to dance in the dark. A smoke filled room with a rumbling system and an ambience of excess. I asked them to bring me down to the spot, but it was not what I had expected at all. The red walls lined the room with a deathly glow, the black mist prevented my sight, I was disorientated and lost. This was not my idea of fun and I wished I had not asked them to bring me down. 

Tuff City Kids are on triumphant form as they remix M Wylde on Cultures Of Soul. When this one landed in our inbox we knew we were on a to a winner straight from the off: a winning combination. They edit the track into a high energy melodic dancefloor escapade. Listen to their take on 'Bring Me Down' below:

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