Premiere: Lz MC Can – South Side Sample


Deep in the far reaches of the estate there was a small patch of grass in which only a handful of wild things grew. There was tall green grass, a couple of flowers and leafy bushes which has blossomed amidst the dense outback of the over populated city. They clung on to freedom for dear life, much like the people who wandered and walked the city streets themselves. This was not a happy place, yet it was a necessity for it to exist amidst these troubled times. This was the South Side and one day it would be green, glowing and glorious again. 

TSWG Records is set to launch with their first EP coming from Lz MC Can – the imprint is an extension of the party series called theysleepwegrind which was formed in Istanbul several years ago. This one is deep and weird, just how we like it. 

Listen below: