Premiere: Lyric – Not Enough


It had been a week of relentless flowers, cards and romantic gestures; most of which had been hastily disposed of. She no longer wanted to be reminded of the events that had led them to this point, yet these olive branches kept coming. But they were having the adverse effect – the higher the quantity, the more annoyed she became. The damage had been done and no matter the efforts now, it was not enough.

She may have come to notoriety through Floorplan, her DJ and production partnership with her father Robert hood, but Lyric has now firmly cemented herself as a talented producer in her own right. Released via Hood’s own imprint M-Plant, her first solo work came in 2019 with the double-header ‘Nineteen / 11:11’, followed by another two tracker last year, ‘Everything / Social Distance’. Now she’s returning for her hat-trick on the label: two cuts, ‘Not Enough’ and ‘Praise You’, which marry her personal tastes in techno and house with echoes of her production work as Floorplan.