Premiere: Lydia Eisenblätter – Modulate


There was a long process by which the machinery must be registered and set in place, the factory was cold and dark in preparation of the work to follow. Several men stood around watching as the lights and sounds began to modulate in this large open space – it was chilling to think of the raw power which existed, echoed and reverberated between these old walls. Once this had been a place of industry, a symbol of economic strength and power – now it would be used to undo the work of a generation and blow it all to pieces. 

Lydia Eisenblätter is set to release a new EP on OAM – the second outing on the label who have described the context behind the music and imagery as follows:

"The Shrine of Oinari- san is used here as a metaphor. It is a well  known passage in Japan that leads to the sacred ground on the mountain of Inari. Lydia uses the production and titles of tracks such as "Walk" and "Modulate" to describe her personal way of life on her own Inari."

Listen below: