Premiere: Lxury- Ylsm


The letters on the board did not make sense. They were etched in chalk with a dusty finish and a gritty sense of disparity. Ylsm was never supposed to have been as complicated as this yet here they were. It was the name appointed to the project at the start of a sequence of experiments and new life. Deep underground they had worked tirelessly to test the theory, trying to disprove the very notion that man might be able to dance amidst the moonlit sky amongst flickering stars and other worlds. It was not to be, at least not for now anyway. 

Lxury is set to self release a new EP on Extra Free, his own imprint and record label which acts as a new outlet for his own ingenuity and creativity. A rave inspired, electronic monster the EP is as fun and juicy as ever. Listen below: 

Visit the Lxury bandcamp HERE