Premiere: Lxury – Skydance


The clouds moved softly and slowly in the warm haze of a summer afternoon. The watched over an eager world with a bittersweet judgement, the people down below took deep breaths in the heat of the radiant glow. Soon the clouds would be some place else, for theirs was a skydance unlike any other. The fluffy white orbs were but a mystery, a shapeless mass to those down below, yet their aura was fascinating and cast a shadowy spell across the evening hours of a beautiful day. They were candyfloss upon a deep sea of blue. 

Lxury is a producer who we have tracked and followed over many years – he has released most prominently on Grego Roman often drawing upon pop inspired sensibilities which tread and overlap with electronica and dance music. His new EP however, is more club focussed and sophisticated in style. It comes on Lost Palms, listen below: