Premiere: Luke Warmwater – And It’s Wonderful


Right of left? Neither direction looked particularly inviting, but they had to pick one. Indecisiveness always reared its head here, so they’d leave it up to chance again; a toss of a coin and then a flick of the indicator. Routine and ritual had once ruled their every day, so now spontaneity dictated everything. They didn’t know where they were headed but it was guaranteed it would better than where they’d started.

Kalahari Oyster Cult’s next outing is something of a special one for the Amsterdam-based label. Across four tracks, they compile the works UK composer and producer Dominic Glynn, under his various guises: one track as Luke Warmwater, one from his Fluid moniker and the other two as Syzygy, the duo he formed with fellow producer Justin McKay. While two of the tracks were originally released via Glynn’s own No Bones Records back in the 90s, the other two are getting their first road test on ‘The Tri-Phase’ EP, which is a window into his evolution as a producer.