Premiere: Lucas Croon – Flange Factory feat. Thimo D


The machine sprung to life with a great electric roar, inside it buzzed and hummed sending out an enthusiastic noise which echoed with a precise tone and texture. This was the flange factory, where dreams were made and the noises of nightmares echoed between empty walls as dancers moved back and forth. The lights began to flicker and flash as the electrical currents pulsed and vibrated with a scattergun sense of purpose. Soon they would be lost beneath the fog and the sounds of a world beyond… 

Lucas Croon is a producer on who it is wise to keep close tabs, he has released music previously on Themes For Great Cities and Aiwo. Now he lends a hand to a new split release on Feines Tier, an imprint based in Cologne. His track “Flange Factory” is destined to do wonders in the hands of well informed dj’s. 

Listen below: