Premiere: Louis Marlo – Who Wants Alchemy?


It had began with small, trivial suggestions – changes that she could manage and adapt to quickly. They weren’t life-changing, purely superficial or aesthetic, but soon enough these asks became bigger. He was trying to mould her into something she wasn’t. Challenging him wasn’t an option, she didn’t like to go against the grain, rather she preferred to keep quiet and stay in line. 

Since launching back in 2016, Melbourne-based producer and label boss Louis Marlo has used his Felt Sense Recordings imprint as a platform to share his own creations with the world. Though there has been a four year hiatus since Louis’ last two releases, this serves the label’s ethos of prioritising quality over quantity. His third outing, Who Wants Alchemy?, is no exception. Coming complete with a remix from Lou Karsh AKA Reptant, the 5-track release blends electro, IDM and techno, at times calling to mind the more stirring side of Carl Finlow’s productions through its glistening melodies, warm basslines and processed electronics.