Premiere: Loud E – Bill’s Boa


The snake peered out from behind the tall glass chamber. It looked out upon the onlookers with an evil stare, a distant gaze and a twisted smile. Bill's Boa was rare, a sacred treasure they had said. Visitors had flocked from far and wide to observe this great beast from a far away land. They knew little of its mighty powers and its terrifying secret. As the zoo began to close up for the night the cries of the other animals began to ring loud in the evening sun, the snake slithered away. 

Berceuse Heroique is set to release a four track EP as part of the The Brasserie Heroique Edit series. Loud E first released these tracks as part of an album originally released on Ambassador's Reception in 2008. Now they are re-released on 12". Listen to "Bill's Boa" below: 

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