Premiere: Los Massieras – We Don’t Need (Side 1) – Word And Sound


There are plenty of things that many of us have in life that we don't strictly need – iPads, more than one pair of pants, appendixes and so on. But as we're so lucky to have our paths graced with treats such as these we may as well bask in the indulgences of Capitalism and fill our lives with these unnecessary goodies.

Will our lives ever be complete though? Probably, but it's no thanks to these things we don't need. However, what we very much do need is the right sounds to get our heads on straight and – rather confusingly due to our waffling – the exact sounds of Los Massieras's 'We Don't Need'. The release is a two-sided aural beast, coming complete with three tracks on either face of the vinyl, and we've got the whole first side right here for you to listen to.

Don't worry about what you want and what you need, we're here to tell you that this is exactly what you're after;

We Don't Need is out on 18th September via Word & Sound.