Premiere: Loraine James – Anyways


The chitter chatter buzzed and echoed in the headset as she began to dose off and fall asleep.

The phone had been ringing all day long and her patience was thin by this point. The voices, their endless reverberation bounced between her ears as the fuzz of the phoneline and the static crackled unpleasantly. Anyways, what use was the job to her? Why should she sit and listen to the complaints and angst of others? This was not her life, it was time for something new, a fresh beginning. 

Loraine James has been a favourite for a while now, ever since we first heard her killer album on Hyperdub we have been steadily following each movement, be that compilation features or mixtapes. She has a singular sound, an off centre appeal and releases music which is reminiscent of old school pirate radio and rough tapes. We love it. 

Her latest appearance is on the newly launched label protopost and it needs no more introduction. 

Listen below: