Premiere: LOR – Deepmind Orolex


The sun had begun to set on another summers day, with each minute its bright orange glow evaporated bringing with it a veil of darkness. On the top of the hill a couple lay hand in hand watching as the day disappeared, eyes firmly fixed on the sky above them. As the stars started to emerge, they traced them with their fingers, forming shapes within the constellations. As if by magic words began to materialise across the starry canvas; a message from the cosmos. But before they could decipher the words, they disappeared as if they had never existed in the first place. Maybe it had just been a figment of their imagination; outer space was indeed a mystery.  

Belfast-based DJ LOR AKA Lunar Orbit Rendezvous continues his orbit around space with a new two tracker on his own LOREC imprint. This marks the second release on the label since his self-titled debut album last year, and follows previous landings on Cin Cin, Exit Strategy and Warm. Today's track "Deepmind Orolex" has a sludgy groove that's soaked in synths and melodic bleeps, which has garnered support from DJs including Mano Le Tough, Ame and Optimo. LORED6D will be available on Beatport from 26th August. 

Stream HERE.