Premiere: loket – Left Hand feat. Steph Lee (Jay Duncan ‘Infinity’ Mix)


It pays to be vulnerable, they say it all the time. They say it enough to be true. Nonetheless, the old world remains, and one should pick their moments. Vulnerability is a two-way street, and there are often roadworks, the smell of tar and the ear-splitting assault of drills, sensory tedium outside the dry cleaners, opposite the school and adjacent to the train station. They say there’s ample free parking, but when you get there, there’s only so much space to take.

Berlin-based label Hot Concept continues an unpredictable journey with a new artist introducing themselves to the roster, loket. First emerging via their own cult mix for the Deep Mind Music series, their debut full release, out digitally now and on limited-edition tape soon, taps three original productions that blend live saxophone modulation with influences within the ambient, trance and hardcore continuim.

Accompanying this hugely original trio are two remixes from London’s Jay Duncan, each taking on a radically different tempo. While the ‘Spirit of Sabre’ version zones in on psychedelic chug, the ‘Infinity Mix’ premiering here today ramps up the energy but loses none of the detail.