Premiere: Lock Eyes – Love$Lust


The cars lined up on the starting line and a thick tension began to cloud the air. Throughout the stands there was a deathly silence as the crowd waited for the race to start. The drivers looked from side to side, eyeing eachother up. Each of them knew this would be the most important race of their lives. Suddently the klaxon rang out loudly round the course and they were off. The whirring sounds of the engines deafened as the cars pulled away, drowning out the roars of the crowd as their feet hit the pedals. Everything was at stake here. This was not just any race, this was a matter of life and death. 

Rhythm Section's devilish label sibling International Black return with their next EP, courtesy of Italian producer Lock Eyes. Spanning different styles from peak time tracks directed at the dance floor to twisted slow mo tribal cuts, Lock Eyes proves he is certainly an artist to keep close tabs on in future.