Premiere: Local Suicide feat. Nicki Fehr – Already There


It was dusk on a summers evening. As the sun began to set it painted the sky with vibrant pink and orange hues. A winding road marked the only path through the desolate sienna desert, that was the route they must follow. Gigantic cacti in all shapes and sizes peppered the vast expanse around them, each holding its own character. They put their foot down on the gas and jolted ahead, picking up dust as they gathered speed. Until now the journey had been kind to them, nothing but calm nights and quiet days. But nothing could stay this perfect forever.

Berlin duo Local Suicide team up with German-American multidisciplinary artist Nicki Fehr for their Leopard Gum EP on Chloé's Lumière Noire. Having charted releases on Tusk Wax, Bordello A Parigi, Multi Culti and Ombra, they bring their unique blend of cold wave and post disco for two original tracks, complete with remixes from Niv Ast, Lauer and Smagghe and Cross.