Premiere: Lo Kindre – I Don’t Really


The noise echoed in the dense chamber as he began to wander between the maze of open tunnels. It was a mysterious passageway full of dark turns and odd corners. Nobody knew really where the end was, whether it was in fact an end which could even be found. I don't really know either, all I could think of was losing myself beneath the city walls and never returning to the surface. He walked onwards through the quiet realm of tunnels, the dust covered walls trapped him from the outside in. I was lost. 

12th Isle are set to release a new EP from Glasgow based musician and producer Lo Kindre, a familiar face up north who has previously released on Optimo Music and in collaboration with Mr TC on Neubau. The record, titled "Chlorophytum", is an abstract collection of experimental electronics and instrumentation – blending dub, drone and psychedelia in an unorthodox fashion. Listen below: