Premiere: Linja – In the darkness of the sleeping streets


As the night veiled the world in its darkness, the nocturnal creatures came out to play. Burrowing out of their secret hiding places to make mischief away from prying eyes. This was their playground, amongst the overgrown weeds and dying flowers. Here they thrived, here nobody could touch them. 

After making appearances on two compilations, one for I’m A Cliche and another for Hard Fist, Russian producer Linja takes a different approach for his debut album on Malka Tuti; a cinematic collection of compositions that could soundtrack a Yuri Norstein movie. Made sometime between 2016 and 2017, the seven tracks that make up Velvet Noise feel more like a story; abstract drum motifs and modulations are laced with squeaks, bleeps and eerie effects, building in tension as the LP unfolds.