Premiere: Liam Robertson – Wrestling Halfbeak Fighting Taxa


Out in the countryside there was a sense of ethereal peace and quiet which was hard to find amidst the towering buildings and the densely populated city from which he came. He watched as the trees blew sofftly in the breeze as the rain began to fall from the ominous grey clouds which hung low overhead. Some might be bothered by the sombre weather and the bleak lay of the land but he was not – it reflected the tone of voice which ran through his head. He let out a scream which echoed in the valley and set him free. 

Liam Robertson is set to release an EP on Redstone Press, a record label from Scotland which originated in the Highlands and is now based in Glasgow. The EP is forward thinking and channels elements of city soundscapes and the wild which lies beyond. One to watch. 

Listen below: