Premiere: Leroy – Like A Disease (Schamoni Musik)


The age of the three-minute pop song may well still be upon us yet it is only once we free ourselves from these restraining shackles that we're able to delve a little longer into a song. Imagine that everything in your life that used to take three minutes was now drawn out by an extra ten minutes. True, it would make things like boiling the kettle an awful lot harder but surely it would also give you an appreciation for the little things in life, no?

Just think about how much time it would give you to explore the world if you had that precious time while you wait for the mundanities of everyday life to be done. You can flick the switch to start boiling your cuppa and then go out into the world for a brief stroll, meeting new people and seeing new sights. Of course, the downside is that if you've got a bit of a short fuse then you might get rather wound up indeed.

If you do get wound up, try giving these new sounds from LeRoy a listen – they'll calm you right down;

SKLÄSH is out on 16th October via Schamoni Musik.