Premiere: Leonor & Nasiri – Luna (Mytron & Ofofo Remix)


Darkness had fallen upon the grasslands, illuminated only by the moon and a million glittering stars. This was where the inhabitants of the land could be free, away from the sun, away from daylight and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. The black canvas of the night sky had become their safety blanket, they were creatures of the night, nocturnal animals. Under the yellow gaze of the moon, they danced and frolicked abandoning the worries that daylight would bring.

Barcelona-based collective, party hosts and label Playground Records gear up to release a collaborative EP from Leonor and Nasiri, a dark hypnotic journey through chugging beats and flute-driven percussion. Several producers step up to remix the original tracks including Damon Jee and Kuunde but our favourite comes from Polish duo Mytron & Ofofo who are a perfect match for this whistful percussive cut.