Premiere: Leo Nanazzo & Mishouju – Consistency


A glowing orange orb slowly descended from the sky into an empty alley-way; a unique phenomenon which would be unfortunately overlooked, as it took place at 04:56 AM on an oddly-warm Tuesday morning, in a part of town which could be frankly mistook for abandoned during week nights. The orb began emanating orange pulsing lights that gradually fractured away from their original source, solidifying into discernable shapes: a human-like form started developing, giving these glistening spectres a well-defined head, torso and limbs. Reaching a residential area the spectres began to move towards the houses, favouring those with open windows. Slowly, they each slid up the external walls and entered the edifice, in complete silence. 

Amsterdam’s Sinchi return with a new EP from Leo Nanazzo & Mishouju, who have linked up for Consistency, which features remixes from Man Power and Timothy Clerkin. Generated by the two producers whilst jamming and messing around with vocals, the title track goes into full eccentric acid-disco, featuring scintillating drums and quirky vocal samples, interspersed with space-age lasers and electro breaks. All proceeds from the EP will be donated to the Sinchi Foundation, which upholds the UN’s declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).