Premiere: Lee Kelly – Ezzzz Into It


The alarm rang loudly, reverberating on the wooden bedside table. A sliver of sunlight crept through the curtains casting a bright strip of light across the room. She hit the clock beside her with a huge thwack knocking it off the table and on to the floor. A loud sigh left her lips; the morning was her least favourite time of day. She scrunched her eyes as she hiked herself up and made a move towards the window. The light poured in to the room as she drew the curtains back. It was time to ease into it.

Formally operating as Sage, All City Records affiliate Lee Kelly has shed his former guise in favour of his birth name for his forthcoming EP. Layers Of Identity marks the eighth release on the First Second Label, a sub label of Dublin's All City, following releases from DJ OK, Minimal Violence and Der Opium Queen. Across five tracks he works with shimmering synths, at times introducing broken drum work, claps and crisp snares, for a release that evokes a real sense of nostalgia.