Premiere: Lauren Ritter & Tenesha The Wordsmith feat. JB!! AKA Dirty Moses – Thirst Trap (Jenifa Mayanja Remix)


“She had an insatiable type of hunger and garnered attention like no other. Her inbox stayed full, they wanna be in her box playing childish games, but this ain’t no childs play, this ain’t no board game. She likes to go fish for compliments but she’s no catfish, more like a red snapper with opulence, a good catch capturing the hearts of men.”

Last winter from her home studio in Brooklyn, producer and stay-at-home DJ Lauren Ritter launched her new label Rift Vision with a four-tracker of her own deep, floaty productions, in collaboration with poet and musician Tenesha The Wordsmith. This year, to help breathe new life into the originals, Lauren’s called on several guest artists who offer up their own takes; the likes of Octo Octa, Lawrence, Rrao and our pick from Jenifa Mayanja who takes on ‘Thirst Trap’, which pairs glistening melodies with solid rhymes courtesy of Tenesha and JB!! AKA Dirty Moses.