Premiere: Larry Houl – Night Cruiser


The ship travelled through the deep, dark sky. The stars flickered and danced under the spectacular gaze of the night cruiser as it careered across the wild beyond. The warm air grew in temperature as they moved ever closer towards the burning sun, the metallic plates fizzed and buzzed under the strain of the heat and soon there would be risk of an explosion. It was up to the pilot to ensure that they moved with agility and at quickfire speed. Darting between meteors and moving objects they needed to find a way out… fast. 

Red Ember Records have returned with an exciting string of new releases, the label founded by Ewan Jansen remains a pivotal force within house music and the latest EP is a testament to his taste. Larry Houl will release three tracks on the 7th of December. We'll let the EP speak for itself. Listen below: