Premiere: Larry – Emshen


It was the middle of the night, but you could barely notice. The streets were illuminated by towers of digital light, and the foot traffic was as busy as it had ever been downtown. A blaring, authoritative voice barked the hourly curfew warning through a megaphone, but nobody listened. As he gazed up in wonder, the world was reduced to a dull, static buzz. The moment fled. A scurrying stranger collided hard into his shoulder, shoving him violently back into reality. A hasty apology slithered out of the scoundrel’s mouth as he disappeared into the endless sea of busy bodies. He rubbed his shoulder. It wouldn’t be until later that he realised it was gone.

Berlin-based label Awkwardly Social celebrated their inaugural release last summer with an EP from Aroent, and now they’re back with the follow-up courtesy of live act and producer Lårry. After solid releases on Super Hexagon and Fusion Diagnostics, Lårry presents ‘Nines,’ a versatile four-tracker that moves through techno and bass soundscapes that each have their own character.