Premiere: Lanny May – Confronting Silence


What a nice surprise when something like this drops in your inbox. Not packaged up in the usual guff of "this is going to change your life" etc etc.

Lanny May's Neuer Ordner is a meal of many different flavours but all showing this naive beauty to them your ears don't witness too often these days in an age of polished edges.

We've been lucky to premier the first track from Lanny May's new album here. Have a listen.. and read this great press release about the album too:

"After some time of silent rooms and sleeping butterflies, the Maripoza Universe open their doors for lightning new noises.
It’s time for the return of Lanny May with an blippy, warm-hearted techno full length album. With 12 new tracks, he bring us back in his own world of electronic feelings and floating beats.

Neuer Ordner is the first full length album by Lanny May.
The Songs are written and produced in his homestudio in a small green village, in his Berlin studio and on the road. He took a lot of time to make the right sounds and melodies for this colorful and timeless LP.

Now…stop reading just listen."

Good words.



Releasedate: 08.08.2014

More info on Lanny May here