Premiere: Lakewest – Blood Orange


He stared at the wall, his intense gaze affixed on the flaking paint that revealed the chalky plaster beneath. He’d spent the morning trying to process the events that had unfolded, trying to draw his own you conclusions: but perhaps that wasn’t healthy — what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? What he did know was that he’d been living a lie; that there was something deeper going on under the surface; that you might think you know someone, but there’s a chance you don’t…

Known for his productions under the moniker Woz, and releases for Black Butter Records, Materials and Lobster Boy, Bristol-based producer Ashley Westlake has now shed that name in favour of a new guise: Lakewest. His first release, ‘Blood Orange’, gives him free reign to express this new guise, seeing him create three hardware club tools that match crisp percussion, intricate sound design and warm low end.