Premiere: La Jungle X Mugwump – Cold (Pure Evil Ritual Remix)


Faster, faster, faster. It was the only way to kick off this evil haze. She ran harder through the icy side streets, sweating away the fears that had kept her disturbed through the cold night, her exertions exhaled as foggy shadows beside her face. Steeper, steeper, steeper. Up into the hills away from the nightmares below were her goal, where she would ache as her muscles tightened and she saw the glimmer of another day.

La Jungle, a Mons-based duo born in the obscure noise music scene, get their good friend Mugwump in to battle and he triumphs in this live instrumental growler. Rattling drum kicks and snares race from the start, a tight and insistent bass slide gets nagged by some up in the bridge guitar twinkles, and then the claps get the plaudits they heartily deserve. Zooming.

Out today and available HERE. La Jungle will be playing a handful of UK shows in May, check their Facebook for info. Follow Mugwump on Facebook.

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