Premiere: Ku Ku – Beck Back Beck


She’d taken to fixating on the slow moving hands on the clock, tap tap tapping away at her desk with the end of her pen. It was almost as if she went in to a trance-like state when she entered the building each day; doing what she needed to do, but never more. Instead she spent the majority of her time day dreaming about escaping this dull place, of moving on to pastures new, of taking on new challenges and embarking on exciting adventures. It would happen, eventually.

With a background in scoring video games and animated movies, Warsaw-based producer and sound designer Ku Ku has a real knack for playing with unusual techniques and lush, atmospheric motifs. Following contributions for compilations on Classical Trax and BAS, which is the label this new release lands on, Ku Ku presents a collection of four original tracks plus three remixes, that were spawned from hours of material that have since been remoulded and formed into a cohesive release that meanders through sparse electronics, video game samples and shoegaze flourishes.