Premiere: Kristy Harper – Get The Girls

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kristy harper – get the girls

Self-released pumper from Kristy Harper on her Sanctified Dreams imprint…

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a brave and kind-hearted young woman named Kristy Harper. She possessed a magical gift: the ability to bring hope and strength to those around her. Her mission was to “Get The Girls” of the kingdom, who were trapped in a cycle of fear and self-doubt.

Kristy embarked on a perilous quest, guided by a mystical map. Along the way, she encountered enchanted forests, mountains, and mythical creatures. With her unwavering determination, she faced each challenge head-on, drawing on her inner courage.


As Kristy ventured deeper into the magical realm, she discovered an ancient artefact, the Crystal of Empowerment. Its radiant energy resonated with her purpose. Using the crystal, she awakened the dormant powers within them, unleashing a wave of confidence and resilience.

The kingdom transformed as they embraced their newfound abilities. They radiated with magical energy, using their unique talents to bring harmony and prosperity. The once-diminished spirits of the land were uplifted, and a sense of unity spread like wildfire.

Kristy Harper’s name became legendary, spoken in hushed tones by grateful villagers. She had fulfilled her noble quest, forever altering the destiny of them and the realm. Together, they forged a future where dreams flourished, fears were conquered, and the magic within every girl was celebrated.

And so, the tale of Kristy Harper and her quest to “Get The Girls” echoed through generations, a testament to the transformative power of belief and empowerment in a fantastical world.

This self-released pumper from Kristy Harper is out on her Sanctified Dreams very shortly. Check bandcamp for pre-orders etc etc.

Listen below: