Premiere: Kris Baha – Start Over


The finish line was nearly in site. He had been running for around an hour, the white lines were beginning to blur against the glow of the orange rubber. His feet were tired and as he approached the yellow tape he let out a distorted sigh, his warm breath cut through the chill of the night air as the floodlights beamed down upon the race track like UFO's from up above. The stadium was empty, this was simply a practice lap but the exhaustion was very much real. Soon enough it would be time to start over, another lap. 

Kris Baha is set to release on the infamous CockTail d'Amore Music, the record label run out of Berlin by Discodromo. He maipulates a twisted tale, weaving odd structures and dreamy dance together. Listen to "Start Over" below: 

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