Premiere: Krakaur – Cold (Youngbloods)


When the day is young, the sun not yet risen and the streets are filled with an eerie silence, those of us that find ourselves laying awake in bed are best served getting out and strolling in the moonlit night. Though this isn't advisable if you live a so-called 'bad' neighbourhood, there's nothing like the serenity of the night to pull your mind away from the daily barrage of racing thoughts and into a pool of calm, allowing your body to take stock recoup any necessary energy for the day ahead.

Ambient music has a very similar effect on the body – though we're not scientists so this is a bit more of a 'hunch' or 'made up fact' than anything that you'll be able to use as a strong case against your boss as to why you should be allowed to listen to music all day. Tune yourself in to the sounds of Krakaur and find out just what effects they have on your body – answers on a postcard (remember when that was a thing? Before the internet took over everything?).

Here we go, into the night;

Krakaur's Bleak EP is out on 4th September via Youngbloods.