Premiere: Koyil – Al Alba


Moving through the woodland there was a strange creature which walked alongside him in the dense glow of the twisted moonlight. He held his torch high to cast a small path of light ahead of his stride as the lion marched on in tandem. He was not the brave soul he had hoped he might find himself to be – the woods were dark and scary and as the trees howled and roared in the strain of the wind he began to shiver and shake. This place was spooky and haunted, like something from an old film. The sound echoed in the distance as he walked towards the light outside…

Koyil is he musical alias of Lev Zhitskiy who is set to release a new EP on Moscow based record label DIG Records. It's a beautiful, enchanting ethereal release which channels a wide range of instrumentation and style. Highly recommended, big TIP as some might say. 

Listen below: