Premiere: Korzi – Terra Preta


Thick branches and huge leaves blocked their path through the rainforest; a maze of nature that felt untouched by human hands. Their expedition had led them into the depths and along the waters edge until they found themselves in lower forest, where their historic studies would begin. Much had been passed on about the chiefdoms and agricultural work that had once taken place here ions ago, but they hoped to uncover more about the history of these fertile grounds and the communities who’d once called it home.

Manchester party and label Left, Right & Centre have built a fearsome reputation over the last year with their expertly curated VAs that swirl confidently around the sounds of UK techno, jungle and breaks. Now, for the first time, they’re releasing a solo artist EP headed up by label co-founder Korzi. The three tracks on ‘Terra Preta’ signal a new direction for the producer —who’s previously released outings for Move, Tommy Club/Playtest, Sound Freq and Footslog— instead exploring low slung rhythms around the 100 BPM mark.