Premiere: Komon & Will Saul – Harmonise (Juju & Jordash Remix)


The keys melodically chimed in the empty church hall. In the corner of the suty room was a man composing a perfect harmony upon a delicate piano. He plucked and prodded the instrument so intricately it were as if he were a part of the very notes himself. The light hung low outside as he closed the old wooden doors behind him and walked into the open courtyard. People were gathered by coffee shops and bars, merrily passing the time as the day fell to a close. 

Komon & Will Saul collaborate on the much loved Aus Music record label, owned by Saul himself. The pair also bring in the big guns on remix duties with Nick Hoppner and Juju & Jordash stepping up. Listen to the Juju & Jordash remix of "Harmonise" below: 

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