Premiere: Kolomensky – Ritual Gone Wrong (Pedro Martins Remix)


The sound of the jungle is intense. Cicadas, exotic birds, treetop primates and a myriad of other species joining together in chorus, each animal call part of an uncontested soundscape that blankets the dense green foliage from each to every corner. A holistic nature exists that connects each creature, from the roots of the trees to the smallest insect, maintaining a balance that keeps the natural order, and defends the jungle from any kind of unnatural malevolent power.

IDA sound label head and Moscow native Denis Kolomensky's next release comes in the form of Ritual Gone Wrong, an EP that draws inspiration from the idea of our primal human instincts being at odds with the way we live in modern society. Out later this month on Karakter, an Amsterdam-based label devoted to all things alternative electronic, the EP also features a reimagination from label boss Pedro Martins, who strips back the breakbeats slightly and introduces a subtle alien ambience and a heavy acid bass.