Premiere: Ko Shin Moon – Lambaya Püf De (Cornelius Doctor Remix)


Her mouth was as dry as a bone, and she could feel a lump beginning to form at the back of her throat. This wasn’t how she’d planned it out in her head; it became clear there were plenty of situations she hadn’t prepared for. Of all of them, running out of water should have been much further down the list. She squinted up at the sun for just a moment, before continuing to scour new ground.

Last year saw the release of Ko Shin Moon‘s third album ‘Leïla Nova’ on French label Akuphone, and now, in an effort to inspire new dialogue and collaborations with other like-minded producers, they’ve invited several artists to remix the original tracks. Feller, Cheb Runner, Marwan Hawash and Cornelius Doctor all take a turn at morphing the psychedelic cosmic synths and traditional Eastern instrumentation into new, hypnotic forms.