Premiere: KMBN – World Without End (Lefteri Remix)


“I want peace, I want to feel calm, I want to feel safe.” His mind would allow him this escape from time-to-time; a chance to imagine the waves lapping at his feet, to feel the hot sun streaming across his face. But before long he’d be back in the concrete jungle, locked into the machine, yet still isolated from the outside world. The only solace came from knowing his next imagined get away was only around the corner; there he would find peace, calm and safety in abundance.

After several years spent hosting parties and radio shows as Feel The Drive and releasing music under Ondata – alongside good friend Martin Lefteri – producer and DJ Szymek Lawik makes his solo debut under the guise of KMBN. Coming via Emerald & Doreen, he provides us with two original cuts that pull from Italo, new beat, synth and wave, backed up by a swathe of remixes from Kid Machine, Facets, Adrian Marth, Ali Renault, Birds, Dane Close and Szymek’s wingman Martin Lefteri, who simplifies the original with a simple boombox beat and a driving bassline.