Premiere: KEITO – Ao Zora


The rain had poured for days, it was a wonder the streets hadn’t flooded and the houses washed away. It engulfed the town in a thick smog of darkness; the last time the sun had shown its face around here was too distant a memory. They’d learned to live in the shadows and the gloom, it almost felt comforting now, existing in their own miniature ecosystem.

For most of this year Amsterdam’s Knekelhuis have had their focus on home listening sounds; we’ve had fuzzy chanson-cum-synth-pop jams from Reymour, 80s no wave disco from Electric Party and more recently a compilation of soothing and experimental compositions. But for the next, which arrives just in time for summer and nightlife opening up again, the label jump headfirst back into the club with an EP from Tokyo-based producer KΣITO. Driven by his MPC, he delivers four experimental cuts that connect the dots between Gqom, techno and percussive music, complemented by two hypnotic reimaginations from Tolouse Low Trax and Kӣr.