Premiere: Kincaid – Thirds


On top of the hill they sat huddled in a group, intent on catching the last rays of the sun before it edged behind the buildings. There was something special about summer days in the city; no concept of a week day or a school night, a free pass to drink at any given moment. Perhaps it was because they were a rarity, you had to make the most of it while it lasts… 

Hot on the heels of his releases with Futureboogie Records and Lyon’s Hard Fist, London-based producer and DJ Kincaid shows off another side of his production abilities for Inside Out Records. Bringing forth his influences in UK Techno and flaunting intricate and experimental techniques, the three tracks across his Pipe Up EP match tight drum programming and hypnotic vocal samples, and will be followed up by a remix EP in August featuring the likes of Kris Baha, Benedikt Frey and Stevie R & Parisinos.