Premiere: Kieran Apter – Doc’s Track


These were the instructions which had been passed down and ordered. According to him, the scientist, these rules would make him better. Each day he was to begin dancing in the morning and stop only once tired or exhausted, for these were the Doctor’s orders, this the Doc’s Track. Leaving the surgery he began to listen to the sweet sounds which reverberated loudly all around him, he placed a spring in his step and went forth about his day with a flurry and a shuffle. 

Kieran Apter is a Scottish producer who channels elements of rave and youth culture from his home town experiences through music. CB90 Dance Recordings is his new label, a homage to the mining community near his home and the rough and ready sounds of escapism. The first EP on the label features a remix from Man Power, it is the original however which caught our ears. 

Listen below: