Premiere: Khotin – Moon Over The Country Club


The stars flickered and dance above the towerblocks as he looked out upon the night sky. From his treehouse he watched as the world turned and spun – the moon hung high out over the country club in the distance. Soon it would be time to venture down from this headspace and wander amongst the trees and tall grass below. There was very little sound but for the calls of birds and cars whizzing along the freeway in the distance miles away. As he peeked from the window he could see their headlights dancing like fireflies upon a concrete backdrop. 

Khotin’s been busy, the Canadian producer wraps up 2020 with a new EP for Public Release, a fun house focussed EP set for happy go lucky dancefloors, optimistic movers and chancers. The EP will be available exclusively on Khotin’s bandcamp from next week before being released elsewhere on the 11th. 

Listen below: