Premiere: Khidja – Racheta El Fadaa (Malka Tuti)


The red sun sets across the dusty sands and the light fades as the golden plains glitter in the light of the dying sun. A fire blazes in the midst of the dunes and the travellers huddle in close, their tents sit like black shadows against the darkening orange sky.

This is the first release by Romanian duo Khidja on Malka Tuti. They bring with them a collection of Arabic and Andalusian strings as they encorporate foreign elements into their own special blend of nu wave disco. Chants from a distant land lead the track as other elements of drums and synths combine and collaborate to create a hypnotic cacophony of noise. We are delighted to be able to premiere the A side of this forthcoming release which has been receiving support from the likes of Jan Schulte, Man Power, Red Axes & Disco Halal. Listen Below: 

The record is forthcoming at Juno HERE