Premiere: Kevin Mcphee – Tw (West Norwood Cassette Library Remix)


The letters 'TW' could stand for all manner of things. Perhaps they refer to that rarely-visited theme park designed specifically for those among us that tower over others (Tall World), or that new magazine that's specifically focused on the actions of the rear-ends of cats and dogs (Tails Weekly) or maybe it's a tribute to our very own Tonka's Friday round-up of the what he's been up to (Tonka's Week).

While we'll never know the true answer, as we haven't really looked for it in all honesty, we can enjoy delving into our own minds to come up with all sorts of peculiar word combinations as we fill our ears with this incredible infectious remix from West Norwood Cassette Library of the new sounds from Kevin McPhee. Whatever it is these letters stand for, we know that you're going to have a good time when you stick this in your lugs.

Dive into this chapter from the aural library;

TW is out now on vinyl and on 25th September digitally via WNCL Recordings.