Premiere: Ketama – Agua Para Ti (Metamorphosis Mix)


The water crashed against the coast, the deep greenery of the forest took a battering from towering waves around this time of year. In the summer the beaches would be packed, busy with tourists and peaceful travellers from all over the world. However, during the murky depths of winter there was little light and this was no place for a holiday. The ocean was wild and abrasive, it poured into every grotto, nook and cranny. Out at sea there were a few boats left bobbing in the midst of the storm, they would be travelling nowhere under the cover of darkness for it was much too dangerous and fierce outside. 

Ketama are a fresh faced production outfit from Italy with a sun kissed edge. The delicate breeze of a balearic sunset can be heard careering through the undercurrent of their music. They collaborate on a new EP for Cosmic Rhythm. Listen below: