Premiere: Kessler – Glick Glock


He wrapped his bony fingers around the launch lever and pulled down hard. Steam burst out of the whirring machines as they began to groan. Bright red lights pulsated with caution, barely illuminating the control room. Within moments, another harvester, fully-equipped to consume anything in its wake, was mechanically born. Its loud, menacing steps reverberated into the frigid evening air. The conceiver watched with dread as his creation marched into battle. 

Manchester-based party and label Left, Right, & Centre deliver their second release of quarantine season, an aptly titled V.A. EP called Right Place, Wrong Time. Featuring LR&C’s signature take on UK techno and bass, the release is four tracks deep and features the likes of Craig Walker, Hypho, Everett and our pick from Kessler, who offers up a vicious, uptempo breakbeat ripper.