Premiere: Keita Sano – Mixing Error


A most perilous incident had occured in the laboratory earlier that day. A chemical compound had spilled profusely as part of a mixing error. The floor had burnt away beneath their very feet and the walls had begun to shake. This was a controlled substance, a dangerous presence in any experiment in its own right, let alone its ability to act in freedom. The powder lay scattered across the floor, and metal, wood, plastic and glass began to bubble under its reach. This would burn them all. The mixing error would prove fatal. 

Up next on the Sheik 'N' Beik record label steps Keita Sano. His output since 2014 has been impressive following releases for the likes of Mister Saturday Night, Crowdspacer, Discos Capablanca and more. He steps up and offers four tracks for the New York based label. Listen to 'Mixing Error' below:

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