Premiere: Kdms – All That Glows (Peter Herbert Dub)


The sun soared high in the galaxy up above planet earth. The life amidst the universe was vast and illuminated like a fluorescent bulb. All that glows burns brightly in the depths of space. Clouds moved across the sky as he lay in the long grass looking upwards. He rolled over, grounded his perceptions and brought himself back down to earth. He could remember very little of what he had just seen but he knew that it had been beautiful. At least in the moment it had seemed real. That was all that mattered. 

KDMS are an exciting new prospect amidst London's burgeoning pop club crossover scene. Their new album sees them dabble in the experimental side of modern day dance music and could certainly be said to have an orientation towards the charts. Peter Herbert steps up to remix. Listen below: 

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