Premiere: Kazuya Nagaya – Heathen (Steve Rachmad Remix)


The tall tree stood isolated amidst a field of long grass as the last of the daylight beamed down upon the wind town reeds. Soon darkness would fall and engulf this place in a thick black smog as the clouds rolled in slowly from afar out at sea. The heathens would gather to observe a beautiful ceremony later that night, they would dance beneath the towering branches and banish the tainted spirit of the night into the great abyss beyond. This was their interpretation of a dream, their ceremony, their haven. 

Kazuya Nagaya’s music has been reimagined on a new release by SCI+TEC. Tracks taken from the “Dream Interpretation” album released last year have been remixed by an eclectic array of producers including the likes of Vril, Yotam Avni, Markus Suckut and more. Our highlight comes in the form of a remix by Amsterdam producer and techno pioneer Steve Rachmad. 

Listen below: